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Yunomi, Guinomi and Chawan

These are three types of drinking vessels without handles. The word Yunomi comes from the Japanese character for hot water and the verb to drink. A yunomi is a simple cup used for drinking a hot beverage, usually tea. The term guinomi comes from the Japanese words meaning drink one gulp. They are small cups suited for drinking small amounts of tea as well as sake, and whiskey or other spirits. The term Chawan, literally means teabowl. The size, shape, texture and decoration of chawan are incredibly diverse because none of these have handles they are cradled in the hand or held by the fingertips. I especially love the intimate nature of a cup that is held this way. It offers a tactile as well as visual appreciation of the vessel. Special care is given to the balance and silhouette so the cup is easily picked up and held. It is very comforting to hold a cup that fits your hand so you experience the sensation of something warm and almost alive as it perches in your grasp.

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